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We understand it's difficult to quit smoking, especially on your own. Most smokers have to try to quit several times before they stop. Your chances to quit depend on how strongly you are addicted to Nicotine, how much you want to quit, and how closely you follow a quitting program. The patch combined with the new Smoke-Free Support Program is a powerful way to help you quit smoking for good.

Smoking cigarettes is addictive. Your body gets used to functioning with a certain level of nicotine. When your nicotine level drops after a few hours of your last cigarette, you begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms. To reduce these symptoms and help you quit, the patch gradually delivers controlled amounts of nicotine through your body that are lower than the amount in cigarettes. Using the patch doubles your chances of quitting compared to going cold turkey.

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The Smoke-Free Program helps you change the habits that lead to smoking. You'll get a support system with resources you need to beat tough cravings and avoid high-risk situations.

The program is available at no cost.

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